Stairs: an architectonic element designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances called steps.

There is an immense variety of forms, shapes and dimensions of stairways. Today I’ll leave you the most particular ones I ever seen. Some can be frightening because of the high, the absence of balustrades or the sensation of instability and unbalance (I doubt I could climb all those ones) but one thing is sure, they are all beautiful! : )

Let’s up!

Some appear to be form above function, more sculptures and design than building elements to be used. But don’t take it personally; stairways are to architects what shoes are to women!

And stairways have an advantage comparing to shoes; there’s an ergonomic formula to calculate the dimensions in way to assure the comfort of the user. No sore feet! ; )

Finally, as usually, here are some practical ideas to take advantage of the dead space under the staircases for storage, without the typical brooms closet or Harry Potter’s tiny room…

And my thought after compiling this blog is: oh god, my staircase is so booooring!…

See you tomorrow!


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