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as a suggestion for your evening, I leave you with a roll of great scientific fiction movies. Because futuristic architecture and cinema cross when about projecting  fantastic scenarios and other realities.

Can you imagine how world will look like in 2050?

Metropolis, Fritz Lang

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I’m feeling a little bit revivalist these days!… After Morris I would like to introduce you another illustrator, that I didn’t know before I stumbled on his illustrations by accident, this morning. In a few seconds I felt in love by his work! And I’ll bet you will too!

His name is Charles Schridde. He’s an american painter and illustrator known by its precision and realistic detail.  He became famous with his magnificent series of Motorola ads in 1961-62.  As basic require for an telecommunication enterprise, he focused his work on futuristic and appealing visions.

Looking to his illustrations with the distance of our times, we can understand the romanticism put in publicity that we can’t find anymore. Today’s publicity explores other parts of our brain and desires, it’s more voracious and intelligent. Maybe that’s why I feel nostalgic looking to this pictures.

Wonderful architecture, great panoramic, beautiful homes, happy couples, the future coming in our houses in harmony with the present…

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