William Morris, born in 24 March 1834 was an English textile designer, artist, writer, and Utopian socialist associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement.

With his creative genius, he helped to establish the modern fantasy genre, and was a direct influence on postwar authors such as J.R. R Tolkien (Lord of the Rings trilogy). He was also a major contributor to reviving traditional textile arts and methods of production.

William Morris by Frederick Hollyer, 1887

From his wide work, today I decided to show you some of his textile and print patterns that are just wonderful!

Inspired on natural themes particularly in flowers, Morris defined his own style establishing a trend that endures from the end of the 19th century ’till our times.

The secret? The quality and the love put in detail, that only craftwork can gives.

Morris wrote and published poetry, fiction, and translations of ancient and medieval texts throughout his life.  He devoted much of his life to the Kelmscott Press, which he founded in 1891. Kelmscott was dedicated to the publishing of limited-edition, Illuminati-style print books.

How nice, hum?

See you soon!


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