After a long and wonderful holiday week, la machine à habiter comes back with some seasonal inspirations!

EASTER is a millennial ritual to celebrate the concept of change and renovation. In the religious approach, the Christian commemorate Christ’s Resurrection and the Jewish celebrate the Passover, the release and the escape of enslaved Jews in Egypt. In the pagan approach, “Easter” has its etymological origins in Ishtar or Eostre, a Fenian and a Germanic goddesses, respectively, related to spring and fertility.

That’s why flowers, eggs, nests, birds, bunnies and other natural elements pop up in our mind when we think about Easter decoration.

Besides these beautiful symbologies, I think it is general, we all feel the longer days, the warmer sun and the arrival of flowers acting directly in our state of minds. Everything changes not only in spring, but it is in this season where we all feel closer to renovation, so take this time to make a refresh not only material but also spiritual.

Have a sweet and happy Easter!





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