In memory of my roman house 2010.

Yes, it’s true: In order to have a peaceful life we all must have to be good neighbours. As granny says, we all get what we give!

In an auto analysis I see myself as a good neighbour: I know my duties and my rights, I’m quiet and respectful, always friendly and available to help, etc. But I already had some bad experiences. I think that is a common problem for people living in apartments. (Nothing like my countryside unifamiliar house! )

What shall we do in that situations? Wiser advices would be to have pacience, to keep it cool,  to be reasonable, to have a “little talk” with the disturbers, bla bla bla

But in particular cases p.e. when you’re locked in the lift and you scream for help and your floor neighbour comes just to tell you to shut up because you’re making too much noise, and  it’s 11 p.m and she works the following day, and she won’t do nothing to help you, I swear I could become that dog (last post) and shit her front door!!

Done… ; )


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