Here I was on the 12 march 2009. (in the one in red, processing my photosynthesis during a break between architecture classes).  What amazing, the Portuguese weather!

Certainly all my colleagues remember this day and will smile when they see these pictures. This was an introductory exercise for a children’s project. We all should build a shelter/playhouse in cardboard in children scale. Since it was an architectural exercise, we mainly explored stability concepts, spacial forms and lighting. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate because I arrived that day from Barcelona and I missed the conception phase. : (


Bringing this exercise to ordinary reality, it is possible to create many objects in cardboard. From design pieces for adults to toys for children. Today is all about children, because they are the most creative creatures on Earth! And with this examples I’ll show how even adults can be marveled with simple playhouses and card toys!

Take a look:

Children don’t need to be fulled up with toys. They have the ability to create a world of fun with just a few things. And that’s a skill that many of us loses when we grow up. Maybe we should learn a little bit from them. Less is more, remember!

And now a few card toys with a designer’s touch:

I know that this post is becoming a little bit long, but I couldn’t help it. The cardboard world is limitless…

And thinking about my Big Sister, my devoted fan of this blog, this last ideas are specially for her… and for my niece-catty Becas! ; )




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