mobile is a type of kinetic sculpture constructed to take advantage of the principle of equilibrium. It is an ensemble of balanced parts capable of motion that are hung freely in space but which never come into contact with each other. Mobiles are popular in the nursery, where they hang over cribs to give infants something to entertain them and give them external visual stimulation. But also, Mobiles were brought as artistic manifestations, the first time by the hand of Alexander Calder.

The meaning of the term “mobile” as applied to sculpture has evolved since it was first suggested by Marcel Duchamp in 1931 to describe the early free moving creations of Alexander Calder.

Did you read that?! Mobiles are sculptures! Mobiles are Art! Why are you spending your money in comercial pinchbecks, in imitations that everyone has? So if you want to bring some dignity to your place you better start by giving to your house some art. By that I mean authentic and orginal pieces! Unless you belong to the 1% of the world population that can afford an Alexander Calder’s mobile, I suggest you to do it yourself!

Homemade decoration is cheaper, is worthier, is personalized and pleasant.

Do you want a proof?!


Want to try?

Paper is the easiest material to work with, just have to train your origami skills. But there’s an infinite variety of materials and models to do a mobile. Just give wings to your imagination!


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