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I think I’ll start to charge a fee to my favorite trades, because I frequently make free publicity here! ; )  But anyway, the product’s quality make the publicity by themselves, I’m just underlining them…As today I’m going to talk about wallpaper, I thought it would be nice to show you some good examples by two PORTUGUESE trademarks.
Actually I never put up wallpaper on wall, so technically I can’t teach you how. So, Long Live the Youtube!!! But I’ll give you the:


1. MAKE A STYLE ANALYSIS TO THE ROOM BEFORE. It is important that the paper matches the existent decoration (don´t forget the big pieces as bed linens, curtains and sofa patterns). Unless you’re thinking to make a complete refresh.

2. CONTRAST LAW. If you have dark furniture/decoration choose a wallpaper with light colours, and in the opposite.

3. CHOOSE WISELY. Ask for some samples of your favorite wallpapers and stick them on the destiny wall. Pay attention to how it looks with natural and artificial lights.

4. DO NOT OVERBOARD. To cover all walls with one pattern it was trendy in our granny’s time, but not anymore. One wall (two maximum) works just fine!


  •  PATTERNS can disimulate wall irregularities such as beams, construction flaws, unwanted embossing, doors…
  •  DARK COLOURS give the approach effect. Helpful to diminish high ceilings and large rooms and to en short long corridors.
  •  LIGHT COLOURS give the effect of enlarge. Helpful to open small rooms, to dispel walls and to extend straight corridors.

6. WALLPAPER IS A DECOR ELEMENT. In big scale! Only by itself can full half of a room! So moderate the rest of your decoration.

Now, a few beautiful inspirations!




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