FLOWERS part 1

Plants. My must have # 7, remember?

We don´t need a feng shui expert to tell us that having a green element at our home will bring us more balance… we humans love nature! And don´t come with the bullshit that flowers are for girls… SINGLE MEN, it’s proved that women think sexier men that have plants at home and/or a dog. Because that means that they CARE about something! And between the dog and the plants… better to start with the last ones… ; )

I know that having plants at home it isn´t an easy task. They need a daily care to keep their freshness and beauty. So if you’re those people who doesn’t have time to spend with your plants, this post is for you! (and for me : ))

I have 3 advises for you:

#1 – DON’T BE A PLANT KILLER_ there’s no use to buy more potted plants if you are letting them die!

#2 – BUY ARTIFICIAL PLANTS_ nowadays, there is a huge variety of beautiful fake plants, very realistic and very artistic. They are a little bit more expensive than the fresh ones but at least they will live forever…

#3 – BOUQUETS_  made by professional artists at a flowershop or even by yourself, it is possible to create beautiful bouquets. I just feel sorry that they are ephemeral and expensive… get advised in your florist about the flowers that are the most resistant after dried.

Here are some amazing arrangements made by AMY MERRICK, a floral designer and stylist, in Brooklyn, NY. It was very difficult for me to make this selection, because it were all incredible… too cute!…

If you’re in love with it, see more in


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