For architects and architecture lovers this villa is an icon. For the ordinary mortals this is just a house. For me it is the house that embodies the title of this blog.

Villa Savoye is a modernist building in Poissy, France. It was designed by the swiss architect Le Corbusier and built between 1928 and 1931.

Le Corbusier strongly believed in a future where the machine brought a higher level of living. He was a purist totally dedicated to his new theoretical principles about architecture. He imagined houses built like cars in a standardized production process.

This villa  is the concretion of his concept of ‘machine à habiter’ (machine to to live in) and more. As seen in photos, he has put the human experience at the core of the house. He brought nature inside the house with the first floor terrace  and the roof garden. The forms, cylindrical columns and primitive shapes are intellectual abstractions of the Classical orders. The interior equipment was integrated in the architecture, designed according to its functions and anthropological measures.

The most fascinating fact about this building is that it has almost 90 years, but still looks contemporary!


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